Virtual reality as a response to exit from the consequences of the epidemic crisis in the industry

The virtual reality revolution is already here and it cannot be ignored

Service providers and operational specialists have had their training sequence interrupted due to the covid epidemic

But the branches and industry have returned to operating as usual and there is a need for skilled and professional workers

workers testing vr glasses
Flight attendant wearing mask in an airplane
Flight attendant wearing mask in an airplane
Flight attendant wearing mask in an airplane looking at us
Flight attendant wearing mask in an airplane closing the window shade

The world is now coming out of the plague

More and more segments of the service provider industry such as airlines, merchant marine fleets, the hotel sector and professional workers and industrial plants are recovering from the covid 19 epidemic that attacked the world

Our elite team

The company’s managers and employees are leaders in their field, both in industry and technology, with specialization in advanced VR/AR technologies and compatible hardware

workers testing vr glasses

Our R&D center is located in Tel Aviv

Our Developers and engineers come from the heart of the ecosystems of innovation and technology in Israel

Tel Aviv is the VR technology capital of the world and at its center sits of VRobotics and its staff

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